An epic video is going viral showing Ben Shapiro mop the floor with smug CNN host Brian Stelter as they talked about media credibility.

Daily Wire reported that during the interview, Shapiro slammed CNN for the way it handles the gun control debate, pointing out that the network has amped up their coverage of some issues just to get ratings. He also pointed out that CNN anchors had remained silent when conservatives were viciously attacked on CNN, choosing not to challenge outrages comments that are made by liberals on the network.

“Where do you see the most egregious media bias right now?” Stelter asked in an interview that took place weeks after the Parkland shooting.

“Well, over the last three weeks, obviously, the coverage of the gun ‪debate has been absolutely egregious. I don’t want to single out your ‪network, but CNN has been pretty bad on this, from a conservative ‪perspective,” Shapiro responded. “The idea that, when there is a mass shooting, that the ‪media feel the necessity to put on TV not only survivors, but specific ‪survivors, that there is a certain subset of survivors who make it on ‪TV a lot, a lot, and there are certain other survivors who don’t.

“And that they decide to single out certain events and not other ‪events in order to make a particular case, or they allow certain ‪people to go on TV and suggest that folks like Dana Loesch or people ‪at the NRA are evil, don’t care, they are terrorists, and there’s no ‪pushback from the anchors?” he continued. “This sort of thing makes a lot of people ‪on the Right feel that the media are really using this as an ‪opportunity to push gun control, rather than objectively covering the ‪legislative efforts that are going on in Washington, D.C.”

In the second part of the clip, Shapiro takes on host Don Lemon about the way he has reported on Trump and on the issue of confederate statues. Shapiro talked about the fact that after a rally in Arizona, many CNN hosts decided to make outrages claims about Trump’s mental health instead of reporting on what he actually said.

“Instead of doing objective analysis of where he was not telling the truth, they jumped to extraordinary critiques of his mental health and talking about how he was crazy and how he was morally bereft,” Shapiro said. “All that does is it plays to his crowd. His crowd thinks that the media is out to get him. His crowd thinks that the media have a particular emotional animus for him, personally.”

Lemon feebly tried to argue that having a point of view was not the same as being biased or harboring personal hostility toward Trump.

“Whether it’s true or not,” Shapiro responded, “that’s the way a lot of his followers are going to take it.”

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