A disturbing announcement has just been made about President Donald Trump’s impeachment that has millions of his supporters praying for him.

In a piece for Fox News, former Republican lawmaker Bob Barr warned that it is starting to look like Republicans will lose their majority in the House of Representatives in the Nov. 6 midterm elections, and that the Democratic majority that takes over will likely vote to impeach Trump.

“Republicans must start doing more now to prevent this nightmare scenario from becoming a reality,” Barr wrote.

Barr acknowledged that it is unlikely that the needed two thirds majority of the Senate will follow the House in voting to impeach Trump. However, this does not mean that Republicans should not be doing everything in their power to ensure that Trump does not get impeached.

“Too many Republicans appear hesitant to prepare for battle to save the Trump presidency before the dogs of war are unleashed,” Barr lamented.

Democrats like Reps. Maxine Waters and Al Green have been chomping at the bit to impeach Trump ever since he took office, and they will undoubtedly step up these efforts if Democrats get control of the House. Green has already presented multiple impeachment measures that have been voted down by the Republican-led House.

Green spoke out a few weeks ago to claim that a Republican member of the House told him privately that he’s considered impeachment for President Trump. 

“I have actually had — and when you say what I’m about to say, people will wonder, ‘Well, who was it and when was it said?’ — but I’ve actually had a Republican member who said, ‘You know, I’m strongly considering impeachment now,'” Green said. “And I can only say to you that my suspicion is that there are a good many others who believe that we’ve reached that point in our history, but it’s a difficult bridge for some to cross. For me, it’s really not about the difficulty as much as it is about the necessity to do something about an unfit president.”

We can only hope that Republicans are able to come together to shoot down any further impeachment efforts. SHARE this story if you support President Trump!