Melania Trump has faced more attacks from the mainstream media than any First Lady in modern history. Now, she has finally had enough.

PS Republic reported that Melania has just announced that she is firmly committed to her anti-cyberbullying agenda, regardless of what her critics say.

“I’m well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic. I have been criticised for my commitment to tackling this issue and I know that will continue,” she said, adding that the criticism “will not stop me from doing what is right.”

This comes days after Michelle Obama resurfaced to declare herself to be America’s “forever First Lady.”

“I know that you are me, and if I can be standing here as your forever First Lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to. So remember this moment when you’re out there,” Michelle said.

Hollywood star James Woods immediately shut her down for this on Twitter.

“With all due respect you aren’t our ‘forever First Lady.’ No one is, nor should anyone be. Pump your brakes a tad,” Woods wrote.

Other Twitter users made it clear that they agreed with him wholeheartedly:

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