A former CIA officer was just convicted of spying for China by providing top secret information for $25,000 during the time Barack Obama was in office.

The New York Post reported that Kevin Mallory, 61, of Leesburg is facing life in prison after he was charged under the Espionage Act last year. He was charged after he was discovered with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash on a return flight from Shanghai. Prosecutors say that he needed money badly and that he sent the classified information to a Chinese handler.

“The People’s Republic of China has made a sophisticated and concerted effort to steal our nation’s secrets,” Assistant Attorney General Demers said. “Today’s conviction demonstrates that we remain vigilant against this threat and hold accountable all those who put the United States at risk through espionage.”

Mallory’s defense lawyers claimed that he provided no information of consequence and that he pursued legitimate work as a consultant. They alleged that he reported his suspicions that the Chinese were trying to solicit secrets to his old contacts at the CIA.

Chinese officials gave Mallory a Samsung cellphone for covert communication that was activated with the password “password.” In one of the text messages, Mallory wrote to his handler “your object is to gain information, and my object is to be paid.”

“My current object is to make sure your security and to try to reimburse you,” his Chinese handler replied to him.

In another text, the Chinese handler complained that the information Mallory provides is vague. He eventually told Mallory to stop sending documents and texts as he was concerned that his contacts with Mallory may be exposed.

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