During Barack Obama’s presidency, the city of Chicago stood firmly behind him. Now that he’s left office, however, the people of Chicago are finally turning on Obama after seeing who he really is.

Right Wing News reported that a Chicago non-profit organization has filed a lawsuit against the building of Obama’s presidential library. In the lawsuit, the group is arguing that there is vacant property across the street for purchase or long-term lease that would allow the public park to be left alone and still allow the completion of the presidential library.

The non-profit group claims that the organizers of Obama’s library pulled an “institutional bait and switch” by keeping the purpose of the center from being a “true presidential library.”

“The City and Park District clearly realize and fully understand that this established law precludes the Park District from arbitrarily transferring possession, use and control of this dedicated ‘open, clear and free’ public parkland in Jackson Park to a private nongovernmental … the entity’s self-determined use,” the complaint reads.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel immediately rushed to defend his former boss by praising the center as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest hundreds of millions of dollars that will create good jobs on the South Side.”

We’re so glad to see that the people of Chicago are starting to see who Obama really is!

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