During their time in the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama always fancied themselves to be royalty. That’s why they blatantly disrespected Queen Elizabeth when she graciously hosted them at Buckingham Palace, as they did not see any reason to be nice to her. Now, however, this has come back to bite them in a huge way.

Mad World News reported that in his new tell-all book, Obama’s former national security advisor Ben Rhodes revealed some secrets from the former president’s 2011 Buckingham Palace visit. In one excerpt, Rhodes jokingly told Obama that maybe the monarchy is “really is a dying empire,” Obama didn’t disagree, instead laughing, “No, they’ve still got a lot going on. Did you see the bling on the queen?”

After all the Queen has accomplished in her life, it is incredibly offensive that Obama would demean her to the point where he only mentioned her “bling.” However, in another excerpt of Rhodes’ book, it becomes clear that the Queen saw right through this nonsense. Rhodes wrote that during this 2011 visit, the former president was preparing a speech when a butler suddenly came to his room.

“Mr. President, pardon me,” the butler reportedly said. “There’s a mouse.”

“Don’t tell the first lady,” Obama replied, as Michelle had already gone to sleep.

“We’ll try to catch it, sir,” the butler said.

“Just don’t tell the First Lady,” Obama repeated.

While Obama likely did not want Michelle to be told because she is afraid of mice, there was probably another reason behind what he said as well. Michelle has always fancied herself to be royalty, so she likely would have been livid to learn that Queen Elizabeth thought so little of her that she put her in a mice-infested room in her palace. Clearly, the Queen had enough of Michelle’s attitude and decided to put her in her place by putting her in one of the worst rooms in Buckingham Palace!

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