Disturbing new reports have revealed that former British spy Christopher Steele gave the FBI a second dossier on Donald Trump, only this one was funded by a Democratic political operative who has been referred to as a “hatchet man” for the Clinton family.

The Daily Caller reported that Steele passed what is being referred to as the “Shearer Memo,” as it was compiled by Cody Shearer, to the FBI in October of 2016. Steele was reportedly given the dossier by an American contact who has not yet been named.

Steele informed the FBI when he handed over the dossier that he could not confirm the information in the memo, adding that he gave the bureau a copy because some of the information in it matched up with what he had reported in his own dossier.

The Shearer Memo detailed allegations that Trump had been compromised by Russian prostitutes at a Moscow hotel in 2013. Steele’s memo, which was dated June of 2016, claimed that Kremlin operatives had video recordings of Trump with prostitutes and that the footage was being used to blackmail the former real estate executive.

Given Shearer’s lengthy history with the Clintons, his involvement in investigating Trump is raising some serious eyebrows.

“He’s a hatchet man for Hillary Clinton, not a sophisticated intel operative,” North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said of Shearer.

Meadows went on to question the origins of the information in the Shearer memo.

“Did the information come from Hillary Clinton?” he asked.

There have long been rumors that Shearer was involved in an anti-Trump project. In January of 2017, sources in Congress said Shearer was shopping around information about Trump.

“I have had absolutely nothing to do with the release of materials contained in the Russian dossier, nor have I pushed these documents to reporters. Do not promote fake news,” Shearer said at the time.

Author Luke Harding may have mentioned Shearer’s handiwork in a recent book. In one passage, Harding wrote that he had been contacted by someone in the Clinton campaign who claimed to have information similar to the allegations laid out in both the Steele dossier and the Shearer memo.

“In October an email written by a person in the Clinton camp reached my inbox. It set out some of the unproven allegations against Trump, including sex with prostitutes in Moscow. The email said the claims came from a source inside the FSB. This was not Steele’s work, but some of it echoes the dossier,” Harding wrote.

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