Shep Smith has been alienating Fox News viewers for over a year with his frequent attacks on President Donald Trump. On Thursday, Smith came unhinged once again with yet another anti-Trump meltdown, but this one did not end well for him.

The Washington Examiner reported that Smith whined that Trump’s ire aimed at the Justice Department and the FBI could develop into a “constitutional crisis.”

“Think of where we are today,” Smith said on Thursday. “In the midst of a criminal investigation, two Trump associates are under indictment, two more have pleaded guilty, admitting they lied to investigators. As the special counsel appears to be approaching the Oval Office, with the news he wants to interview the president himself. The FBI and the Justice Department are under fire from the president, and his supporters have crafted a document to cast doubt on the investigators’ integrity.”

“The White House and the Justice Department are at odds in an affront to our system of government and as a precursor of what could become a constitutional crisis,” he added.

Twitter users, however, fired back by letting Smith know that he’d gone too far.

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