The more that comes to light about spy gate, the more clear it becomes that Barack Obama was willing to stop at nothing to try and take Donald Trump down.

Right Wing News reported that The Hill’s John Solomon just revealed to Fox News host Sean Hannity that the Obama administration tried to take over the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. He explained that Obama’s FBI began spying on members of the Trump campaign to gather the intelligence that ultimately justified the collusion investigation, weeks or even months before the FBI had a formal predicate.

If this is true, Trump is about to drop his presidential hammer down on Obama and his minions.

“That’s very important. The rules say you can’t use sources until you have a predicated investigation. The predication is July 31, 2016,” Solomon told Hannity.

“I’m putting finishing touches on a column that I think will come out tomorrow. And it will reveal two really important things,” Solomon said. “The efforts to begin targeting and reaching out to Trump campaign officials to gain intelligence on Russia that would ultimately justify the investigation began weeks and maybe months before the FBI had a formal predicate. And that’s very important the rules say you can’t use sources until you have a predicated investigation.”

“The investigation is July 31, 2016. My sources and documents that I will be able to make public tomorrow will show that there were contacts going on by people identified as informers, informants, people who provided information began much, much earlier than July 31st. That’s the first part,” he continued. “The second part is as the investigation was just starting to ramp up there are internal FBI documents showing FBI agents talking about the White House trying to take over the investigation. Fears that the Justice Department were going to leak for political reasons and their own personal fear.”

It’s time for Trump to take action and launch an official investigation into Obama so that he can finally be punished for his illegal activities. SHARE this story if you think Barack Obama should be investigated and locked up!